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Matt Cutts: Search Engine Optimisation should be called Search Experience Optimisation {Video}

Matt Cutts - Google's head of the web spam team - has released another video where he is answering the question if search engine optimisation should be called different! I totally agree with this. Calling it search engine optimisation sounds like … [Continue reading]

The History Of Social Media In A Nutshell {Infographic}

history of social media - infographic

If you've read my last post "How To Build A Business That Matters And Grows For Ever", you might have been thinking about social media marketing. I have been talking about different Social Media Sites and why they are part of a larger strategy … [Continue reading]

How To Build A Business That Matters And Grows For Ever


Have you ever asked yourself the question if your business really matters? Do you provide a service or product that makes a different in other peoples lives? If not... start today! Most people confuse building a business with building an income. … [Continue reading]