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Proven SEO Strategies: My Takeaways from David Jenyns SEO-Workshop #TheSEOMethod3

The SEO Method 3 - Workshop in the Philippines

The Presenters: David Jenyns, Dori Friend & Steve Ovens

SEO is dead… that’s what you might have heard many people say after the latest major Google changes.

Fact is, search engine optimisation was never more alive! High rankings in Google’s search results are becoming more and more valuable for any business – no matter if big or small!

Staying ahead of the SEO game is therefore a MUST if you don’t want your competitors to overtake you.

This is the reason why I decided to take a couple of days off, fly to the beautiful Philippines and attend David Jenyns latest SEO workshop called “TheSEOMethod3”.

And although I’ve been doing SEO for quite a few years now… the things I learned from the workshop were not only eye opening but also very actionable!

In this post I’m going to share with you my biggest takeaways and what you should be doing in 2013 to stay ahead of your competitors and generate traffic to you website by boosting your website up in Google & Co.

So let’s dive right into it and see what Dave and his team had to say…

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Matt Cutts: Search Engine Optimisation should be called Search Experience Optimisation {Video}

Matt Cutts – Google’s head of the web spam team – has released another video where he is answering the question if search engine optimisation should be called different!

I totally agree with this. Calling it search engine optimisation sounds like optimising for the search engines while not taking the users into account.

The result: crappy conversions, high bounce rates and a bad experience for the user.

So, if you or your SEO company focus mainly on getting those higher Google rankings but don’t pay any attention to the quality of the content on your site… think twice!

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