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Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Networking

social media marketing vs social media networkingDoes your business use social media? Or are you planning on using it?

Social media marketing seems to be one of those buzz words. Most so called "online marketing experts" will probably tell you: "You have to get into social media marketing!".

The question is… what exactly is social media marketing and does your business really benefit from it?

Let's take a closer look at social media, what it does and how businesses can benefit from it…

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How To Build An Engaging Audience On Twitter That Really Matters

Twitter Audience BuildingSo you have decided to use Twitter to connect with relevant people and build an audience around your business?

You have set up your Twitter profile and started tweeting but nothing happens really?

How do you get more followers, more people talking about you and your brand?

How do you get more retweets, more traffic to your website and ultimately generate more business?

In this article I’ll show you how you can use Twitter to connect with the right people, build meaningful relationships and make Twitter one of your most valuable assets in your business.

Ok, so let’s dive right into it…

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The History Of Social Media In A Nutshell {Infographic}

history of social media - infographicIf you’ve read my last post “How To Build A Business That Matters And Grows For Ever“, you might have been thinking about social media marketing.

I have been talking about different Social Media Sites and why they are part of a larger strategy rather than a short term method.

The following Infographic will give you an inside on how different social sites have evolved over time.

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