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Matt Cutts: Search Engine Optimisation should be called Search Experience Optimisation {Video}

Matt Cutts – Google’s head of the web spam team – has released another video where he is answering the question if search engine optimisation should be called different!

I totally agree with this. Calling it search engine optimisation sounds like optimising for the search engines while not taking the users into account.

The result: crappy conversions, high bounce rates and a bad experience for the user.

So, if you or your SEO company focus mainly on getting those higher Google rankings but don’t pay any attention to the quality of the content on your site… think twice!

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The History Of Social Media In A Nutshell {Infographic}

history of social media - infographicIf you’ve read my last post “How To Build A Business That Matters And Grows For Ever“, you might have been thinking about social media marketing.

I have been talking about different Social Media Sites and why they are part of a larger strategy rather than a short term method.

The following Infographic will give you an inside on how different social sites have evolved over time.

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How To Build A Business That Matters And Grows For Ever

BusinessHave you ever asked yourself the question if your business really matters?

Do you provide a service or product that makes a different in other peoples lives?

If not… start today!

Most people confuse building a business with building an income. They start off with lots of good intentions and great ideas and eventually get stuck in micro managing day to day activities just to “keep customers happy”. But is that enough in todays market?

The answer is simple: IT’S NOT ENOUGH!

So the question is: How can we build a business that really matters and will keep growing in the long run?

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